Frón was founded on June 12th 1926, and the company has grown steadily from then on. The current number of employees is around 25. Frón has manufactured over 700 tons of biscuits a year for the past few years, and that number keeps growing.

The most popular Frón biscuit, Mjólkurkex, has been produced for more than 50 years, and the second most popular brand, Matarkex, has been on the market since the company was founded, or for more than 80 years.

Icelandic American co. ( bought the biscuit factory Frón late in 1999. From then on, the goal has been to introduce a new product each year. This has proved a great success, with many new products gaining much popularity already from the moment they were launched.

Frón is the leading brand in the Icelandic biscuit market, with close to one third of the total market share. Mjólkurkex is the most popular biscuit on the market, with over 260 tons being consumed by the Icelanders each year, or approximately 22 thousand kilos a month. The recipe is over 50 years old, and has been a success from the start, with the annual sales still increasing.

From the beginning, Frón has almost exclusively sold its products in the domestic market. The only exception is some export to the Faroe Islands in recent years, and who knows what the future will bring when it comes to spreading the joy of the Frón biscuit!

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